About us

We are the hub of our community, whether it be catching up with friends or family or work related this is the place to do it.

If someone had said we would be opening our own restaurant seven years ago I would have laughed and said I don't think so, we just moved to Kapiti with a view to putting down roots and starting a family, a local girl born and breed I already knew that Kapiti was a great place to live.


Kapiti has a number of good restaurants but we felt there was a gap in the market for a place where there was more for the kids friendly, quality food and beverages for a reasonable price.

When the Kapiti Lights venue came up we decided to have a crack, so we secured the lease and started knocking down doors straight away.

Refinery Bar & Eatery was born, the name is derived from our drive to evolve and refine all aspects of our business, our people. our environment and our product, all with the view of meeting the customer's needs.

This is the promise we give to ourselves and our customers It's been a short time open for us but we love the place, we hope our customers will love it too.

great environment, great product + great service


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8 Kapiti Light, Paraparaumu 

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